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Anonymous: If it's not too personal, How old are you?

I’m 17. :)

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so it’s not really a problem since our inbox is empty and has been for a while now lol but I wanted to tell you guys that I start school this upcoming Monday so if/when we get confessions sent in they might be a little slow o:

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Anonymous: Hey, I just wanted to say I love your blog :3 you're good at posting confessions when you have them and they always look so good ^_^

aww! thank you so much! ♥

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Anonymous: I am not a really big fan of f(x) but I like them but I think the reason why EXO got fan club name and a solo concert first is because they make more money.I don't really know but I think this is the main reason..

That could be true. I’m just bitter haha, even though I honestly love EXO and f(x) equally. I’m really happy EXO has a fanclub name but I’d love to see f(x) with one as well, yknow?

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[secretly gets really passive-aggressively upset that exo got a fanclub name before f(x)]

Anonymous: doojoon-fuzzies is your personal right? ive sent messages to it and i never got a reply :/

doojoon-fuzzies is my Kpop blog, yes, but it’s not really my blog I’m on a whole lot anymore. my main/personal blog is actually very much non-Kpop and you can find it here. feel free to resend the messages there! D: I’m really sorry about that. I almost never check that blog anymore…
I also have this blog which I’m one quite a bit recently so if I’m not on my main, I’m probably on this one. again I’m really sorry about not responding to messages! I haven’t been on my Kpop blog in the longest time ><

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Anonymous: have you listened to red velvet? do you like them?

I have and I do! (: I really like Wendy’s voice like wow

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this was sent to our submit box but I wasn’t sure if it was a confession so I’m posting it this way.. x:

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