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RIPRise. It’s so incredibly upsetting you passed so young, just as it was EunB, but at least now you’re no longer in any pain and you can be at peace. You and EunB are together again… ♥
We can only hope now that Sojung makes a strong recovery.
As for Ashley and Zuny, please, ladies, stay strong and live your life to it’s fullest. Live freely and live for many many years to come, for yourselves and for your two late members, because they unfortunately didn’t get to…

On a final note, let this tragedy be a reminder to all of us to never take those close to us for granted. Always love, care, and appreciate them to your full capacity because you never know what could happen to them or when they could be gone.

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this isn’t f(x) related in the slightest, but I just read about the Ladies Code car accident and EunB’s death and I’m completely torn and ripped apart… Even though I’ve never really listened to the group or really followed them, it’s still saddening to see someone so young pass away, especially by something so tragic like this. RIP Eunbi. I hope whatever the afterlife brings you is peaceful, and always know you’ll be loved and remembered.

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Anonymous: I think the reason why the other confess blog is more "popular" is because they can confess anonymously...? but your blog is awesome ! :)

all confessions are anonymous here too though? xD you can submit on anon through the submit box, it happens all the time.
I feel like I should state this because this is getting more attention than I thought it would lol. Popularity doesn’t matter to me, I just enjoy running this blog and I enjoy you guys. it’s never been a competition for me. this blog is finally really chill and easy/fun for me to run and I feel like if we suddenly explode with popularity I wouldn’t quite enjoy it the same way.
so, regardless, thank you. (: I’m glad you enjoy this blog. ♥

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Anonymous: No, don't close this! Fuck it with that anon! Don't you dare close this, I'll hunt you down if you do. I love you! :))))

haha I’d never close this blog. I’m too emotionally attached to it to ever do so. trust me I’ve tried before lol. and I love you too~ ♥

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