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Yeah, it’s super lame. :[ SM said they would be pressing charges against those spreading the rumors. (Thank goodness.) Sulli has really been getting a bad rap among netizens lately, so I’m glad to see SM actually do something to help her.

yeah it’s definitely nice to see they’re doing something omg

acutefish replied to your post “can you tell me about the rumours with Sulli”

I’m pretty sure it’s to do with the rumors of going to the hospital over a stomach ache. People took it way out of proportion and started rumors that she was pregnant and had an abortion or something…

ooooh I see. thank you for clearing it up haha

          ❝ can you tell me about the rumours with Sulli ❞

I didn’t know there were any rumors with Sulli o:
anyone know what happened?

Hey guys! It’s been a little while but I just wanted to let you know I haven’t forgotten about this blog! I actually check it everyday, it’s just been that our inbox has been empty since basically the last time we posted, which was quite a little while ago by this point. :( So with that said, feel free to send us stuff! Confessions, questions/concerns, or even just to say hi. Whatever you like. :D
(If you’re going to send a confession in, PLEASE SEND IT TO THE SUBMIT BOX. If there is any reason you can’t send it to the submit box (it isn’t working properly, you’re on mobile, etc) send it to the ask box but make sure to specify your reason or else your confession will get deleted.)

While I’m already here, I may as well give a couple of updates?
• I haven’t really been posting on my Kpop blog lately so if you’ve sent any messages to it I most likely haven’t seen them, however I still practically live on Tumblr, just on a more personal, generally non-Kpop blog so if you’re interested in it, message me and I’ll share it privately. (:
• This blog has gained SO many followers lately and it’s totally insane and I honestly am not quite sure why since nothing has been posted in so long, but we’re really close to 3k and that’s just crazy so THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! IT MEANS SOOO MUCH! ♥
• I’ve sorta fallen out of the loop with f(x) recently so if anyone would be willing to get me caught up again it’d be much appreciated. :p
Alright I think that’s all I need to say! Sorry this turned out to be such a long post lol. I really appreciate it if you actually read it all ^^;

          ❝ just wanted to say that this is an awesome blog, and you don't have to listen to those haters :) (a lot) more people like this blog than hate it, so don't give up <3 ❞

thank you dear ;u; i’m glad you & a lot of others like it ;A;
and right now i’m honestly starting to find this whole situation amusing haha. it’s funny how fast someone will send hate to another person as long as they know they’ll be anonymous and unable to get hate back lol. i turned the anon option off for now though, so if that person wants to sit there and send me things like that they can do it personally (; anonymity is a privilege tbh.